Group Getaways: Creating Memories Together

One of the best things about traveling as a group is being able to share all the wonderful new experiences with some of your closest friends. Back home you’ve got your everyday memories together from school or work or social events, but now you’re off gallivanting around the world making stories that you’ll never forget.

Tips for a Great Group Vacation
1. Understand your group dynamic. Ensure the travelers will get along well together.
2. Start early. As soon as you and your friends decide to take a trip together… start planning. Plus, the longer you wait, the easier it is for things to “come up” and for friends to bail.
3. Do be democratic. Everyone in the group should have an equal voice in this trip. That means, everyone gets one vote on the destination, dates and accommodations.
4. Set a budget. It is best to know how much each person wants to/can spend on this vacation
5. Plan, Plan, Plan. Need to rent a car? Mini-vans tend to sell out quickly. Want adjoining hotel rooms? Make sure you reserve them as early as possible. Reservations are your friend, especially if you want a dinner table for 10 at 7pm on a Saturday. Also, consider making reservations for your group at a local attraction or historical site and set up a guided tour, hopefully with a group discount rate
7. Don’t ditch the group (without a meet-up plan). Listen we get it. Fun happens. But remember why you’re on this trip: spending time with the group..

My top vacations for group travel… 

  • All-Inclusive Resorts – where else do you all get to hang by the pool all day (and get waited on) and then get dressed up for a fancy dinner each night
  • Cruises – so much to do for all ages including amazing shows, multiple pools, and  excursions at each port
  • Theme Parks – perfect for a family vacation 
  • Las Vegas – great couples vacations, catch some great shows, do a little gambling, and don’t forge the great food
  • Beaches – play at the beach all day, build sand castles with the kiddos or lay out in the sun with your girl friends